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The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

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  • The Fundamental Elements of Southtown is very diverse in its stylistic nature. It ranges from reggae, to aggro, to hip-hop hardcore. This is likely a direct result of the diversity of band influences, bad brains, santana, etc. Key to note is the cover of U2’s “bullet the blue sky,” which now has the intensity of a mac truck! Other songs to note are the aggr-groove of “southtown”, the reggae tone of “set your eyes to zion,” the smooth yet intense “tribal,” and punch in the face “outkast.” Invariably, parallels will be made to other bands in the “hard music” market. No fear, P.O.D. definetly has their own sound, independent of any other act. They have been putting out tunes since 1992, even before RATM and KoRn came to the scene. Stylistically and musically a great album. Howard Benson did a marvelous job producing the cd as well. Look for P.O.D. on the main stage at ozzfest and on tour with KoRn in Europe later in the year.

    Posted on February 27, 2010