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The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

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  • This is an awesome CD. I usually listen to punk and plain rock, but when I saw P.O.D on TV, and then heard them at youth group, I knew I had to have their CD. I wasn’t disappointed. From “Hollywood” to “Outkast”, I loved it all. it was hard hitting, but the instruments were being played with skill, they weren’t just loud. The lyrics are great, too. They are hopeful and intelligent, not just pointless and angry. These guys came from a tough upbringing, but instead of using that as “fuel for the fire”, they sing about how God got them through, and share the grace they’ve recieved. My favorite songs were “Southtown”, “Bullet the Blue Sky” (that’s a cool old U2 song. I want to hear the original), “Rock the Party (Off the Hook)”, and “Tribal”. I also thought the funky bass on “Hollywood” was cool. Forget Rage and Bizkit and KoRN. That stuff is bad for your mind AND soul. Pick up P.O.D, and you’ll like it. Where do you stand in this battle cry, Tribal Soldier? Auf Wiedersehen.

    Posted on February 27, 2010