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The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

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LIA Cast 78 - The Pros and Cons of Cons

###LIACast 78 - Pros and Cons of Cons How important is it for independent creators to table or attend conventions? Jerzy and Rob explore a variety of angles to evaluating the benefits and costs of conventions (including art fairs, festivals, events, and trade shows). Conventions are alluring social and business events yet can be expensive in both time and money cost. Especially so with conventions involve traveling long-distance. Yet we see [examples of the excitment]( "Comic-Con International: San Diego"), networking, sales, and other benefits that can be part of successful conventioning. We explore the pro and cons of conventioning and offer comparisons, alternatives, and combinations of attending, tabling, versus and considering your online presences. Leaners won't be surpised - instead of a canned-plan, we take a choose-your-own-adventure approach! ###Links Mentioned in this Episode * [Tyler James - Absolute Con-Sense! Workshop]( "Absolute Con-Sense - Lean Into Art") * [Lean Into Art Workshops]( * [Metroid Other M]( "Metroid: Other M | Nintendo | Wii Games") * [How to get the bonus Extra Lean podcasts: sign up for the Lean Into Art Newsletter!]( "Lean Into Art News") * [The Winchcombe]( "THE WINCHCOMBE") by Javen Ackerman * [Audra Ann Furuichi]( "A cute webcomic about magical stuffed animal pups and their owners! - nemu nemu") * [Nemu-Nemu Comic]( "Comic Archives - Cute Comic Collection - nemu*nemu") * []( "Web Monitoring Service | External Website Monitoring | Dotcom-Monitor") * [TCAF Toronto Comics Art Festival]( "Toronto Comics Arts Festival | TCAF |") * [Baltimore Comic Con]( "Baltimore Comic-Con") * [Ken Drab Comics]( "Rick The Stick – a comic on the Interwebs - An Extraordinary Stickman Living in an Ordinary Cartoon World") * [Tyler James at Comix Tribe]( "ComixTribe") * [Emerald City Comic Con]( "Emerald City Comicon - The Largest Comic and Pop Expo in the Northwest") * [Kids Read Comics]( "Kids Read Comics!") * [Eyeo Festival]( "Eyeo Festival | Converge to Inspire") * [Art and Story Podcast - The Big Convention Field Guide]( "Art & Story 124 – The Big Convention Field Guide : Art & Story: The Show That Digs Deep Into The Craft Of Cartooning") * [Convergence Con]( "Convergence | A Four-Day Celebration of Science Fiction and Fantasy") * [Hiesenberg Uncertainty Principle]( "Uncertainty principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia") * [A Brief History of the Universe by Stephen Hawking]( "A Brief History of Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia") ###Connect with Jerzy and Rob * [Lean Into Art Google+ Page]( * [Jerzy on Twitter]( * [Rob on Twitter]( * [Lean Into Art on Twitter](


PhotoDirector Video Review – The Best Photo Organizing Software

Our PhotoDirector video review shows you how PhotoDirector is simply the best way to organize and manage your photos. It has plenty of tools and options and ...

Libya – the Battle for Sirte

Libya - the Battle for SirteLibya - the Battle for SirteLibya - the Battle for SirteLibya - the Battle for SirteLibya - the Battle for SirteLibya - the Battl...

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood Vine by UsTheDuo

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood #6secondcover #music #coverSubscribe for more of the best, most funny & amazing vines!Subscribe:

DX TV | Forthcoming global earnings – the short perspe

Amongst the plethora of companies updating the markets this week, we focus our attention on securities lending sentiment in the Retail and Media sectors. ; C...

Звёздные войны – РУССКИЙ – Lego Star Wars – The complete saga

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Трансформеры 3 – Transformers Prime 3 – トランスフォーマー –

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Transformers Prime – televisions series game – part 2 – Transformers optimus prim

"TRANSFORMERS - PRIME"..., nice robots on wheels... :o)Please give me a "LIKE"..., thank you very much !!! :o)SUBSCRIBE:

Don t Look At This For Too Long – You ll Be Blinded By Cuteness Vine by BigCatDerek

Don't look at this for too long- you'll be blinded by the cuteness. #cassie #cougar #squeak #carerescuetexasSubscribe for more of the best, most funny & amaz...

The 1987 Ultimix Flashback Medley, The Video

Audio Mix by Bradley D. Hinkle - Video Mix by Wolf Zimmerman - Remastered by Mark Roberts Various -- The 1987 Flashback Medley Part 1 14:12 1-04.1 George Mic...