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The Garden

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  • This was the first CD I have purchased from Unitopia, I will be going back to get their first. This is one of the finest progressive rock CDs I have heard for a long time. The album features exceptional musicians and songwriters. The tracks flow seemlessly from one to the other introducing symphonic, jazz and hard rock elements that would normally seem incongruous, but here …. seem perfectly harmonious with each other. The vocals are wonderful and complement the instruments as one.

    Look at the album cover artwork and imagine what something that looks like that artwork might sound like, and ….. that’s it.

    People often try to compare bands with each other. In this case, that would be rather hard to do because of the various elements at play here. You could expect to find some similarities to IQ (John Wetton), and maybe the jazz passages can be compared to Gong (Steve Hillage), but putting it all together so seemlessly is truely an accomplishment.

    This is a beautiful album that easily paints a garden with it’s lush melodies and harmonies, but can also kick some butt. If you’re into Progressive rock, this would be a welcome addition to your collection. I’ve really enjoyed this and look forward to whatever may come from this band in the future.

    Posted on November 25, 2009