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The Garden

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  • This is quite a refreshing and well produced cd,,very talented musicians,great sound,with mellow sounds and power and punch too..quite inmpressive! The vocals are clean and well sung with emotion and excitement.Excellent job by these Aussies.It has a bit of Gong({Pierre Moerlen’s Gong),Genesis,Marillion with a ungiue sound all their own,,one of best new bands i’ve heard in a long time.For prog lovers buy this cd.It is a wonderful tour through a garden of lush,sonic and moving musical sounds!The title song The Garden is Fantastic,22 minutes of of pure enjoyment,powerful and emotional,the ending section reminds me of the ending section of Supper’s Ready and will almost bring tears to your eyes,,its that good.Very highly recommended!I’m looking forward from more from this band with anticipation.

    Posted on November 26, 2009