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The Gathering

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  • I can’t think of a group that has been as consistently good as Testament, its like this group gets better with age. On Testament’s eighth album The Gathering it seems like they were on top form, this album also has the best lineup I’ve seen so far. Joining the ranks of lead singer Chuck Billy and guitarist Eric Peterson is guitarist James Murphy, bassist Steve DiGiorgio and Dave Lambardo from Slayer making this an awesome lineup. This album definitely has a more tighter sound than the previous album with much better songs and theres less growling from Chuck and not to mention the riffs being faster and heavier with some extraordinary drumming (would you expect anything less from Lombardo?). The best songs are Eyes of wrath with its amazing solo at the end and True believer which was quite catchy if I don’t say so myself. D.N.R. was also a great opening track and Legions of the dead was another highlight and also the heaviest track on the album and Careful what you wish for has some great lyrics showcasing the great song writing abilities of Chuck. Sewn shut eyes and Fall of sipledome are the more thrashier songs and has Chuck growling alot which reminds you of the album Demonic which wasn’t really a favorite of mine, I think that the Gathering was an improvement. Overall I would say that The Gathering was a great album thats worth checking out especially if your a Testament fan or like heavy thrash music, this remastered edition also includes a bonus track called Hammer of the gods which is an instrumental track.

    Posted on January 27, 2010