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The Graveyard

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  • A great injustice is being done to King Diamond’s The Graveyard: Many folks say that this is a bad album, King’s worst even. This probably scares away curious would-be buyers. Well, I’m here to tell you not to get a tarnished preceonceived notion of this cd. Normally I state things as opinion(coz that’s what they are), but this I’ll state as fact coz it is: The Graveyard is the best album King Diamond put out in the 90s. The songs do not “run together”, there are too “songs that stand out”. You trying to tell me that Digging Graves doesn’t stand out?? The music is the best it has been in years(and for some years after as well). The story is a different approach as well. After doing Hammer Film-esque gothic horrors, King tries for an all out psychological suspense type thriller this time. It’s a good approach, coz this is one of the most unique and interesting stories King Diamond has ever given us. King even gives a “Don’t try this at home” kind of message in the liner notes. Well, I should hope not for crying out loud! But whether you try it at home or not, don’t get a jaded opinion of the Graveyard before you hear it-you’ll be cheating yourself if you do. Get it and hear it and you’ll see what I mean. Then you’ll also wish the naysayers well…..In Hell!!

    Posted on December 22, 2009