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The Graveyard

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  • The Graveyard, like many of the other KD releases, takes a few spins to truly appreciate. Like “The Puppet Master”, the music on this release covers a wide range of moods and tempos, from slow, crushing mood pieces to chunky, speedy riffs.

    Both Puppet Master and The Graveyard remind me quite a bit of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. Not in style, certainly, but in the general feel of the releases as being far more advanced conceptually and creatively than most other music out there. The best horror slowly builds up to a crescendo, and that is what the music does here. So, yes, it may take a few listenings to appreciate the feel of this album. Of course, it helps that the songs kick-A.

    –Black Hill Sanitarium and Waiting are both excellent heavy tracks.
    –Heads on the Wall may be the best thing King ever wrote. Fantastic, simple guitar work, great lyrics, and it invokes great visuals.
    –Daddy, while being a bit heavy handed upon the first listen, eventually taps into some weird place in your mind, where you can imagine the primal need for security being taken away. Pretty emotional stuff.
    –Sleep Tight Little Baby….if the chorus is not running through your head, over and over again, I’d be surprised. This song puts goosebumps on my arms. Not because it is creepy, which it is, but because King’s voice is just so emotional. Also, I just love they way he says “Climb down into your coffin Dear, and sleeeeep tight.”

    I know many proclaim Abigail King’s best work, but for a total listening experience I will put on The Graveyard or The Puppet Master first. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

    Posted on December 22, 2009