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The Great Radio Controversy

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  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!

    I remember at the time of it’s release there seemed to be some thought that this album wasn’t as strong as “Mechanical Resonance”. Looking back at these first two albums now, whilst the songs on the debut were more immeadiate, it’s “The Great Radio Controversy” which has really stood the test of time.

    Standout tracks? “Hang Tough” is brooding, moody and powerful (still love the piano breakdown piece as well); “Heaven’s Trail” was a mini anthem for me as a twenty something wannabe rock star; “The Way It Is” is a perfectly weighted upbeat ballad and need anymore be said about “Love Song”; the rest of the heavy rock fraternity should have just given up on power ballads after that.

    I’ve often thought that it’s a shame that Tesla get thrown in with the other 80’s hair bands. They were always more than just part of the hair metal scene and with the possible exception of Cinderella, are the only band of that genre whose material has really stood the test of time.

    Just do yourself a favour and buy this album!!!

    Posted on March 3, 2010