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The Great Radio Controversy

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  • No doubt about it! This album broke the sophomore jinx and made a big name for these boys from Sacramento with five top forty hits including, “Heaven’s Trail”(No Way Out), “Love Song”, “The Way it is” and “Hang Tough”. If you’re only going to have one album, this is the one you want! One of the band’s best albums, The Great Radio Controversy retains the typical big-sounding production and clever hooks of ’80s pop-metal, but Tesla adds a grittier, bluesier edge to their music than most of their peers. Tesla was no hair band. Their music was blusey and folksey and more. It was basically Pop-metal sort of a cross between Guns and Roses and Tom Petty. Tesla also benefitted from the very unusual sound of vocalist Jeff Keith. His voice was gravely and high pitched and couldn’t have fit the music better. You’ve probably seen bands where the singer didn’t quite fit the music. I always felt that way about Rush. Well, Tesla’s music and Jeff Keith’s voice were a perfect fit. It was sorta like Sammy Hagar. BAND MEMBERS Frank Hannon Jeff Keith Troy Luccketta Tommy Skeoch Brian Wheat Tesla was great, I miss them. If there were still bands like them around, maybe I wouldn’t be looking to Imports for my music as much, because I don’t think much of whats out there today in american music. Tesla was also the Musician’s band. There the ones that the other bands, on top and wannabes listened to. I remember once reading in an interview with Van Halen when asked who they listened to, to a man said Tesla. Now who did I say sounded a little like Jeff Keith? Sammy Hagar that’s who. Conspiracy theory anyone?

    Posted on March 3, 2010