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The Great Radio Controversy

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  • Tesla was a bit different than the majority of the late ’80s hard rock bands. When one listens to “The Great Radio Controversy”, one can detect Tesla’s 1970’s influences, whether it is Montrose, The Eagles, Aerosmith, or Peter Frampton. The result is a convincing exercise in hard rock.This album contains “Love Song”, perhaps the best known song off this set. “The Way It Is” has that Eagles influence all over it, while “Heaven’s Trial (No Way Out)” has an Aerosmith-esque quality. That’s not to say the songs are derivative, though; Jeff Keith’s vocals are unique and give Tesla their own identity, with a little help from guitar wizard Frank Hannon and sidekick Tommy Skeoch.Of course, Tesla does whip out the heavy artillery quite often on this album. “Flight To Nowhere”, “Hang Tough”, “Lady Luck”, “Did It For The Money”, “Party’s Over” and “Yesterdaze Gone” are excellent examples of the band going for the throat, while “Be A Man” finds Hannon sliding his way out of control in the intro before the song settles into an almost country groove. “Lazy Days Crazy Nights”, “Makin’ Magic” and “Paradise” are examples of Tesla keen sense of orchestration. Piano timbres grace “Lazy Days” and “Paradise”, while the thick “Makin’ Magic” uses guitar orchestration to build drama. This is the most accessible out of Telsa’s cannon because it’s got something for everyone: crushing hard rock (“Flight To Nowhere”), tender ballads (“Love Song”, “Paradise”) and acoustic blues (“Heaven’s Trail”) to name just three genres. Tesla will be remembered as one of the better bands of the ’80s hard rock explosion.

    Posted on March 4, 2010