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The Great Radio Controversy

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  • It’s hard to believe this album is ten years old, for it still sounds as good today as the first time I popped it into my stereo. Though I have outgrown a lot of the “80’s Hair Bands,” I can always count on Tesla to remind me of how good rock ‘n roll can be. The band’s diversity is clear: “Hang Tough,” “Yesterdaze Gone,” and “The Way it is,” all show the talent the band oozed, and songs like “Love Song,” and “Paradise,” showed the band’s softer side. I have seen the band live 4 times, and all of this material lent itself perfectly to the live audience. This type of music is no longer my first choice, but I will always hang onto this album as well as “Mechanical Resonance,” and “Psychotic Supper.”

    Posted on March 4, 2010