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The Great Southern Trendkill

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  • I don’t know why Amazon only lists this as a Japanese import, cause it’s easily available. So this review is for the US standard release, not the picture of the album that is on the cover of this website.

    And why is it their best? Even more so than the ultimate classic Vulgar Display of Power? Or the insanity of Far Beyond Driven? The one word is creativity.

    Vulgar was litteraly the album that gave the band the torch to carry high as the crowning metal gods. Then their next album Far Beyond was just a little too insane being just a little too crazy and overly distorted. Sake of playing fast and mean cause they could.

    Here with Great Southern Trendkill, the band got supper creative, with tinges of falseto singing, country roots swagger, and interesting songwriting and gelling such as in Suicide Note parts 1 and 2. That was almost borderline conceptual.

    There is not one single bad song on this album, and in some way they are all unique and different from each other. They all stand out on their own, and have all the hallmarks of classic Pantera: ingenious murderous riffs and solos by Dimebag Darrel, Great vocals by Anselmo, Pounding groove and some good fills by Rex, and intricate drumming from Vinnie that fires like a machine gun.

    ‘Floods’ is easily the best solo I ever heard Dimebag do. Drag the Waters has that killer piercing cowbell, and what great lyrics of depravity. 13 steps marching beat, Suicide Note, WOW impressive, I could go on and on.

    A must have for any Pantera fan.

    Posted on December 4, 2009