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The Greater of Two Evils

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  • OK, some people totally missed the point of this album completely. You guys are so busy comparing John Bush’s singing ability to Turbin’s and Belladona’s that you don’t realize that these songs aren’t supposed to be exactly like the originals. It would be pointless for Anthrax to rerecord these with Bush if he was supposed to sing like Belladona and Turbin and hit all those high notes. This is an album for the fans that want to hear classic anthrax songs sung by Bush, who had been their singer at this point for about as long as Belladona was. Maybe Bush isn’t technically as good of a singer as Belladona but he does have a good singing voice and a completely different style. And as far as Neil Turbin goes he was a ridiculously horrible singer anyway with no real talent other than screaming and TRYING to hit Halford pitched screams, which would never happen. Turbin was only good for getting Anthrax going and provided some decent over the top metal vocals that caught the attention of a few metal fans back in the early 80’s and if he had remained their singer Anthrax would never had been able to evolve into the great band that they became. So stop your bitching and comparing this to the originals and enjoy it for what it is. A collection of great thrash and heavy metal classics updated for fans of the John Bush era Anthrax!!!

    Posted on November 11, 2009