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The Greater of Two Evils

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  • Purists may see it as a cash in attempt, but “Greater of Two Evils” finds Anthrax retreading their classic Joey Belladonna era thrash material with John Bush’s voice instead. And what a great listen it is. Opening up with “Deathrider”, which has never sounded better, it is clear that Anthrax haven’t lost a step at all, and guitarist Rob Caggiano, who debuted with 2002’s “We’ve Come For You All”, is a perfect piece to the puzzle as he and Scott Ian feed off each other the entire album. “Metal Thrashing Mad”, “Caught in a Mosh”, “I Am the Law”, “Madhouse”, and “Be All End All” sound more charged than ever before, and the only complaint one can make of “Greater of Two Evils” is that more songs weren’t included. Despite that, this is a must own for Anthrax fans, old and new, and a reminder of how real heavy metal is done.

    Posted on November 11, 2009