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The Hand That Feeds

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  • This is not so much a review on the single itself, but more of a comment on the shenanigans Trent seems to be pulling with this release.

    First of all, I know he likes to release UK edition singles (so that we end up paying for a ridicilous IMPORT price) but what’s the deal with WITH TEETH? It seems like he’s rubbing it in our faces that North America is getting neglected.

    First of all, THE HAND THAT FEEDS single is released in a limited edition digipack to the UK only for only two-weeks (which, by the way, doesn’t include the Video track that was advertised on NIN.COM – the video will be sold seperatly, on a DVD single – HALO 18 DVD). Apparently, Canada will get a digipack release of this single also on May 3rd, which means pretty much everyone got it except … the States. Quick comments on this single: while people will have their own opinions about the quality of the songs and remixes, what ever happened to quality singles that we had with “THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL” that featured more then one track from the LP as well as original tracks? Secondly, NIN.COM seems to have forgotten about the editions of this single that they had said they were going to sell … Thanks guys … seems like all those UK ebayer’s will have a gas selling their singles to us.

    Speaking of which, NIN offered exclusive contests to UK fans only, which featured limited-edition NIN merchandise, such as the LP BOX that was limited to only 2000 copies. The box is intended to be used to collect the singles on vinyl as they are released. I know that these are already being sold for ridicilous amounts over ebay.

    Which brings me to the CD itself. It seems that the edition of “WITH TEETH” that North America will recieve also lacks a few bonus quirks that European markets will receive. The German edition will have the “Home” track on it, while the Japanese version (which is already available) has this, plus two other bonus remixes.

    Also, the CD will be released in both regular and Dual-Disc format, which will have a different, (barely) more interesting cover. Trent is praised for being one of the few artists not to have sold out, but by releasing different editions of the same product, it seems like he’s doing it in his own subtle ways.

    I guess I’m just tired of having to scramble around to make sure I have all the appropriate NIN products. Being a sucker-collecter since HALO 05, I’m left with little other options. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thankfully Trent didn’t stick a HALO number on the vinyl box, or I’d be forced to buy that as well. Rather then that though, Trent has been less then helpful. This CD better rock!!!!

    Posted on December 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • While not as great of a single as some of the past NIN singles (Closer to God comes to mind), I believe the “Straight Mix” of The Hand That Feeds featured on this album actually has more staying power than the original, with a more diverse soundscape. The “Dub Mix” is an interesting instrumental interpretation but you probably won’t give it too much playtime. Both mixes have significantly more of an electronic edge than the original. So, essentially this album comes with one excellent remix, and one decent one. Worth it if you like THTF!

    Note: the CD I received does not, however, contain the video advertised on the track listing.

    Posted on December 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I want to cry out in anguish “why Trent? Why?” — I want to, but I won’t — the reviews for this CD already have enough melodrama, so I’ll spare you.

    Hand that feeds is one of the best songs on WITH TEETH – it has a lot of remix as well as just plain REPLAY potential. Despite this fact, this CD is, as many people have pointed out, one of Trent’s worst singles. There are remixes on the CD, but, as someone already pointed out, it is not really meant to be a remix album. All this being said, this disc greatly reflects what happens when Trent lets a millimeter of creative control out of his grasp (which is odd, because he’s a control freak) . . . it becomes an RIAA clone . . .

    So why does it deserve 3 stars? It’s still better than most other things available, and it’s part of the “official collection”, so you really have to buy it if you’re at all compulsive (let’s face it, if you’re really a NIN fan, you’re compulsive, and probably obsessive too, but I won’t get into that).

    The packaging is very well done, as is the arrangement of this specific CD (technically). If you’re planning on buying this halo (Google NIN HALO) buy this one; the video on the disc will minimize the feeling of being ripped off.

    The Video – very plain for NIN, but well done. It looks like a patchy, thrown-together work at first, but on closer examination, you will find this is not the case. You may notice that the “distortion” is not digital noise or breakdown, but intentional, for whatever reason. (similar to “Hurt” from “The Downward Spiral”)

    This CD is definitely a “Collection Completer”; if you must collect each unique Halo, buy the 4-track disc with the video, even if it won’t make your top 100 songs.

    If you have to pick and choose because you don’t have the cash, skip this one until you feel it necessary to complete your collection.

    If you feel that NIN peaked at Pretty Hate Machine or Downward Spiral . . . well, you’re stuck in a bubble, you probably shouldn’t keep listening to new NIN discs, because you’re not going to like them.

    Posted on December 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Halo 18 is very good overall. This song is the most audience friendly tune Trent has produced in a while. That is to say, most people will like it the first or second time listening.
    By the way, there are only 3 tracks on the album. #4 the video or whatever isn’t included. So dont get your hopes up.
    The two remixes are very similiar to the original song. Not the best remixes but not bad either.
    But if youre like me, desperate for any new Nine Inch Nails songs, this will do nicely until the full album is released.
    Also, in case youre interested, the Japanese release of With Teeth will have 3 bonus tracks on it.
    Im out…

    Posted on December 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ALBUM MIX: I’m not going to bother much with this; we’ve all heard it, it’s a great song, let’s hear it for Nine Inch Nails, yay.

    STRAIGHT MIX: Interesting extended take on the original, and well-done. There’s not much actual remixing – other than the techno beat, the “whispering” and the “horror movie synths” near the bridge (which were great), it stays mostly true to the album version – but that doesn’t stop it from being a good listen, and it’s just as catchy as the album version. I especially liked when the music mostly drops out in favour of the vocals at 3:53; it was a nice touch, one that probably should’ve been part of the album cut. Either way, not bad.

    DUB MIX: It’s a house version. What can be said about that, really? Trent’s occasional voice adds something, and the beat and guitar/synth loops are infectious enough with this mix that it doesn’t fall COMPLETELY flat… but you’re probably not going to want to listen to it too often. Decent.

    OVERALL: I’d rather spend my money on Things Falling Apart or Further Down The Spiral, of course… but this was supposed to be a single, not a remix album, and as such, it’s not bad. Worth a few quid, but don’t bump it to the top of your list.

    SIDE NOTE: Trent is SO not fat; my bandmate Aeon and I saw him a few days ago, and he’s as ripped as he ever was.

    Posted on December 29, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now