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The Harvest Floor

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  • This band of vegetarian stalwarts had me on the fence for years until somewhat recently. It was seeing them earlier this year tear down the Jumple Turtle in San Marcos that I decided they had a spirited quality I really liked that transcends the social floundering of most death metal . Maybe it was frontman Travis Ryan engaging a heckler into a point-counterpoint discussion over the quality of his band or maybe it’s just that this music is as intense as it is riveting. Either way, every bruise was worth every dollar and I came home with a newfound appreciation for the music. “The Harvest Floor” is easily their most defined album statement to date, with no two songs sounding the same, a feat for really any modern metal album. Ryan’s double tracked vocals have a ludicrous bent to them at times, but they compliment the riffing and drumming just fine and it’s the band here that really succeeds this time around with the aid of infamous producer Billy Anderson, who brings these tracks alive with making the bass guitar rumble and the drums pound. The gruesome samples also don’t hurt any!

    Posted on January 20, 2010