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The Harvest Floor

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  • I was a little disappointed with the “Karma Bloody Karma” album so my expectations for this release were not that high. How wrong was I. With “The Harvest Floor” these guys show a great improvement in songwriting and musicianship. Songs are damn fast (the inclusion of David McGraw on the drums was a good choice) with a lot of tempo changes. The introduction of some melodic sections (like in “We Are Horrible People”, “Regret & The Grave”, “The Rip Beneath The Rind”) will stun some fans that were accustomed to the in-you-face grinding of their early records… for me it’s like a breath of fresh air, that sections spice up and improve the diversity of this album. Vocals are sick as always, thy fit perfect for the twisted and gory lyrics. Overall mix is great, you can distinguish every instrument without problems. So, if you’re willing to hear an extremely heavy death metal album, “The Harvest Floor” must be on your CD shelf.

    Posted on January 20, 2010