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The Haunted Made Me Do It

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Limited edition 2007 two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0) release, part of Earache’s Classic Album series celebrating 20 years of bringing noise to the masses, Each release features a bonus DVD with both discs housed in branded packaging that will form a cohesive set of essential classics Each Classic Album release is available in a limited pressing to highlight a particularly important or groundbreaking album from the formidable Earache catalogue. Originally issued in October 2000, The Swedish band’s Haunted Made Me Do It proved to be a springboard to success for the band, and has subsequently become established as the fan’s definitive The Haunted album. Featuring the classic tracks ’Bury Your Dead’, ’Hollow Ground’ and ’Trespass’. The original CD is bolstered by the addition of one bonus audio track (’Shithead’) and the Caught on Tape DVD which features two complete live gigs (from Sweden and Japan) plus a revealing behind the scenes documentary. Earache.From the great grooves of the Gothenburg, Sweden, death-metal scene that spawned Entombed, Dismember, and the Haunted’s immediate ancestor, At the Gates, comes another successful wedding of ominous Slayer-inspired metal with hard-hitting traditional rock. The accessibility of the onslaught brings Motörhead to mind, though the Haunted’s sound is cleaner. In the Swedish style, even when the vocals are total gross-outs and the drums smack mercilessly, the guitars construct catchy melodic patterns like something from Judas Priest. With so much going on stylistically, the Haunted don’t take metal to the next level; rather, they mark a new beginning in the vital, prolific Swedish scene. –Ian Christe

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  • I would have to agree with Osmun315 said about this being the least best so far, but then again he wrote that like 2 years ago. This happens to be the first Haunted CD with Marco as the front figure, and I happen to like it. Not that Dolving was bad, I liked him too, but this one caught my attention first (hmm, especially since this was the first one I heard all those years ago).

    Jeremy below can give you the ratings, but here is some heads up anyways.

    The instrumental is pleasing enough albeit short and common(if that’s the right word). “Leech” is a great mention because, well, it happens to be driven with everything to make a Thrash song… recalled by the fans. With “Hollow Ground”, my first Haunted favorite, they continue pretty varied. The song is more complex and Aro sings a little cleaner and more variable. It’s a really cool song that let’s you catch a little breath.

    After the short and hefty (really, hefty) “Revelation”, “The World Burns” thunders through your speakers. Here they again start out super fast and with great riffs, but in the middle the song suddenly turns calmer and groovier. Really great riff indeed. “The World Burns” should become a one of your favorites, no-doubt (or in this case since it was released 6 years ago, is one of your favorites). “Silencer” shoud convince you of it’s shred-fast guitar work and good melodies, which eventually becomes a tid-tad groovy in the middle.

    The next-to-last song of the album, “Under the Surface”, again features Mr. Aro with clean, yet electronic vocals. The song itself is varied and towards the end very doomy, like…uh, Morbid Angel. “Victim Iced” then sets a speedy close to a super-heavy and highly refreshing album.

    The production of The Haunted Made Me Do It is great (meaning I don’t see anything wrong with it). All instruments have their place and sound very powerful. At first I felt the clean vocals could have been inserted another way, but now they sound just right to me. The BIGGEST complaint I have about this CD, is that it is WAY too short, clocking in at less than 37 minutes. However, whoever is into Death or Thrash Metal has to check out the Haunted. If you haven’t already, then get it, somehow, NOW.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Although “Haunted Made Me Do It” continues the retro-thrash tradition established on the Haunted’s self-titled debut, there are also some notable differences. Vocalist Peter Dolving and his hardcore tendencies have been replaced by Marco Aro’s throatier, death-metal leaning style. This fact, along with occasional use of melody and a couple cases of (gasp!) singing, make “Made Me Do It” more immediately recognizable as the work of a Swedish band than the original. However, if the Haunted’s constant use of guitar harmonies and conservative use of melody smacks of the “Gothenburg scene,” it’s still obvious that their work is rooted in thrash metal first and foremost (anyone expecting to hear any keyboards on a Haunted album will be sorely disappointed). The Haunted are a lean, mean, thrash machine, as reminiscent of Slayer as of In Flames. Anyway, now that my long-winded intro has concluded, on to the album. Fans of the first album, or just about any old-school thrashers, will find a lot to like here. There aren’t a lot of surprises, just metal played with ruthless efficiency and unbridled enthusiasm. After the brief intro of “Dark Intentions,” “Bury Your Dead” and “Trespass” blast ahead at warp speed, propelled by Jensen and Anders Bjorler’s hard-driving guitar harmonies and Per Jensen’s extra-tight drumming. “Leech” slows things down a bit, but in the best possible way; it’s a heavy midtempo tune with lots of pummelling bass. “Hollow Ground” and “Under the Surface” are where the band’s newfound melodic sense is most obvious, as both contain some sung vocals from Marco. Marco won’t make anyone forget about Geoff Tate or Bruce Dickinson, but his singing works well within the context of the album. If there’s one thing that turns me off about “Made Me Do It,” it’s the production. It’s just sort of, I dunno, sterile-sounding. These guys are obviously skilled musicians, but it seems like the vocals are pushed way to the front, and as a result the guitars are a bit muffled, and the rhythm section gets lost in the shuffle some of the time. I personally would have liked a slightly rawer sound, with a little bit more emphasis on those killer guitar harmonies. This is still a good album, but I think it could have been better with a “fuller” sound. Of course, given the rave reviews on this site, it appears I’m in the minority. But whatever the case, this album is still worth hearing.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • What inspires you? What gets the adrenaline pumping and cuts right to the core of aggression? What really gets you fired-up… angry… violent? Explore those emotions, get right to the root of them, and find out why the Haunted made you do it. Resurrecting the aggression and speed of the thrash mindset these Swedes have successfully built upon the guitar driven brilliance of their former incarnation, At The Gates, while maintaining their own musical personality and building their own legacy in the next generation’s metal landscape. The recent addition of Marco Aro on vocals only works further to establish the Haunted as a metallic menace to be reckoned with. His gritty vocal engagement pairs perfectly with the semi-harmonic riffs and pummeling rhythms laid down by the quintet. Although at times the Haunted may come off as unidimensional in their sound, the terse technique by which the aural assault occurs is definitive and unrelenting and the momentum of the riffs themselves carry the poignant 40 minute attack. The dual harmonized Gothenburg-style inspired guitar leads and fast-paced riffing set the tone for the guttural onslaught that is as accentuated by a pounding double bass fury. The Haunted inflict their angst in short precise bursts of nimble deliverance without regard to trend or bias. It is done with a unwavering passion and flair for traditional metallic value and out of utmost respect for the true, fist-in-the-air rebellion that inspired legions of teens in the by-gone era of thrash-induced metal. Be prepared to face the consequences however, because the Haunted may have brought forth aggression and anger in a pit inspired sonic rage but they haven’t made you do anything you wouldn’t have already wanted to do and just needed the key to unleash the beast.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Honestly! I don’t know how one band can do it! How can one little band come up with such an impeccable wealth of pure metal riffs that slay all else in their path? These songs are not overly technical to go over anyone’s head, and they’re just technical enough to make the statement that they mean business and that they aren’t playing around. I loved the first Haunted CD, and I didn’t know how they’d top it, but they surely executed enough deadly talent and skill to manufacture its equal, to say the very least. As blasphemous as it sounds, new drummer Per more than fills Adrian’s shoes. Marco Aro, the new vocalist, also seems to belt out those thrashing lyrics in a heavier gut-wrenching death metal vibe, perhaps more appropriate for this style than the hardcore tendencies of Peter Dovling. In addition, Aro’s also added clean vocals every now and then to punctuate the lyrical stances and give more dynamics to the songs. Seriously, no disrespect to either ex-member, but this line-up seems to have some sort of energy or strength that makes them simply that much more amazing. Also – perhaps it was more involvement from the Bjorler brothers, but more melody has crept into the songwriting this time around. Non-stop comparisons to At The Gates are growing tiresome, because this IS a new band with their own thing going, but since two of the main songwriters here were the same in that band, it’s almost unavoidable. Because of that, even more comparisons to At The Gates are surely comfortable here on “The Haunted Made Me Do It”, especially with that unmistakable melodic touch every now and then that seemed to be avoided on the self-titled Haunted debut. Anyway, Jensen, the Bjorler brothers, and company have another brutal thrash classic under their belts. From the first song to the last, it’s all classic – yet timeless, somehow. No filling, no fluff. Even now that the initial shock has subsided, my emerging opinion is that this CD is better than the debut. If you’re a fan of the mid- to late- 80’s thrash regime such as Slayer, Testament, Metallica, Sodom, Kreator, etc… and that mid- to late- 90’s melodic Swedish Death Metal sound, you won’t be disappointed with this one! Get this CD to hear from a band that can absolutely do no wrong in my book.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have been a faithful follower of The Haunted since ‘98 with their s/t offering (5 stars). After learning that Peter Dolving left, I worried. When I heard “Bury your Dead” on WSOU, it was part of a Haunted doubleshot. Originally, I was still skeptical but if Jensen is playing guitar I purchase… Absolutely unf’in believable. Marco Aro is tremendous. The riffs are brutal and the dark, creepy, overtones rule. This is definitely a 5 star CD. Warning: Driving and Listening to The Haunted Made Me Do It is not advised — Road Rage !!! Listening to this reminds me of Slayer (gods) and what Slayer was 10 years ago. The Haunted may not be #1 on Billboard but if you like metal, especially agressive metal, then this should be number on the list. The arrangement of songs on this album also rules. From Dark Intentions into Bury Your Dead, you are hooked. Personally, I think Iced Victim (the last track) is the best, but it is impossible to rate the songs from best to worst. They all kick. Swedish Death Metal will never be the same now that The Haunted has established itself. When is the next CD coming out!!!!!

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now