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The Haunted Made Me Do It

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  • What inspires you? What gets the adrenaline pumping and cuts right to the core of aggression? What really gets you fired-up… angry… violent? Explore those emotions, get right to the root of them, and find out why the Haunted made you do it. Resurrecting the aggression and speed of the thrash mindset these Swedes have successfully built upon the guitar driven brilliance of their former incarnation, At The Gates, while maintaining their own musical personality and building their own legacy in the next generation’s metal landscape. The recent addition of Marco Aro on vocals only works further to establish the Haunted as a metallic menace to be reckoned with. His gritty vocal engagement pairs perfectly with the semi-harmonic riffs and pummeling rhythms laid down by the quintet. Although at times the Haunted may come off as unidimensional in their sound, the terse technique by which the aural assault occurs is definitive and unrelenting and the momentum of the riffs themselves carry the poignant 40 minute attack. The dual harmonized Gothenburg-style inspired guitar leads and fast-paced riffing set the tone for the guttural onslaught that is as accentuated by a pounding double bass fury. The Haunted inflict their angst in short precise bursts of nimble deliverance without regard to trend or bias. It is done with a unwavering passion and flair for traditional metallic value and out of utmost respect for the true, fist-in-the-air rebellion that inspired legions of teens in the by-gone era of thrash-induced metal. Be prepared to face the consequences however, because the Haunted may have brought forth aggression and anger in a pit inspired sonic rage but they haven’t made you do anything you wouldn’t have already wanted to do and just needed the key to unleash the beast.

    Posted on March 1, 2010