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The Haunted Made Me Do It

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  • I would have to agree with Osmun315 said about this being the least best so far, but then again he wrote that like 2 years ago. This happens to be the first Haunted CD with Marco as the front figure, and I happen to like it. Not that Dolving was bad, I liked him too, but this one caught my attention first (hmm, especially since this was the first one I heard all those years ago).

    Jeremy below can give you the ratings, but here is some heads up anyways.

    The instrumental is pleasing enough albeit short and common(if that’s the right word). “Leech” is a great mention because, well, it happens to be driven with everything to make a Thrash song… recalled by the fans. With “Hollow Ground”, my first Haunted favorite, they continue pretty varied. The song is more complex and Aro sings a little cleaner and more variable. It’s a really cool song that let’s you catch a little breath.

    After the short and hefty (really, hefty) “Revelation”, “The World Burns” thunders through your speakers. Here they again start out super fast and with great riffs, but in the middle the song suddenly turns calmer and groovier. Really great riff indeed. “The World Burns” should become a one of your favorites, no-doubt (or in this case since it was released 6 years ago, is one of your favorites). “Silencer” shoud convince you of it’s shred-fast guitar work and good melodies, which eventually becomes a tid-tad groovy in the middle.

    The next-to-last song of the album, “Under the Surface”, again features Mr. Aro with clean, yet electronic vocals. The song itself is varied and towards the end very doomy, like…uh, Morbid Angel. “Victim Iced” then sets a speedy close to a super-heavy and highly refreshing album.

    The production of The Haunted Made Me Do It is great (meaning I don’t see anything wrong with it). All instruments have their place and sound very powerful. At first I felt the clean vocals could have been inserted another way, but now they sound just right to me. The BIGGEST complaint I have about this CD, is that it is WAY too short, clocking in at less than 37 minutes. However, whoever is into Death or Thrash Metal has to check out the Haunted. If you haven’t already, then get it, somehow, NOW.

    Posted on March 1, 2010