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The Healing of Harms

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  • Avatar Image Helsa4 years, 5 months said ago:

    The church may not accept but God does. I believe that God accepts all those who believe in him/her, regardless if you do spell work or consider yourself a witch. If your intentions are truely for the good and not evil what difference does it make. Not all spells are evil or to harm others, some are for health purposes, some are for repairs in marriages, some are for their pets health. Some just use herbs for natural ways of healing. Most of all witches today believe that they should not harm “anything” including the earth and insects (Harm None means just that) they recycle and care for the earth more then some christians do, I can not see why God would object. Those that disagree, judge and think it is wrong are those with very closed minds. They limit their sleves to God’s love as well as the Earths love that is available to them. If religious persons and preists and the ones who make the church rules were more opened minded then we would not have separated to begin with. read on
    we would all be as one and the beliefs of others would not have to be hidden, we could all just be who we are accepting one another the way it should be and put the whole mess behind us but we can not due to the wicked mindedness that “some” people have and these are the people who have given witch craft it’s bad reputation, the ill minded, or mentally ill and the ones who do want to cause harm to others but again I must say most witches are not these types of people and never were and a lable of being a witch is something that came form the early days of a way to get rid of people that other townspeople didn’t like and most of them were christains! It is not our part to judge or ask why it is the way it is, we are entitled to our own opinions and sometimes those opinions can hurt and even have others killed for them. It is long past the days that we can combined religions openly but what lies in the heart is the underlining truth of who we truely are. This was worth lossing points.

  • Avatar Image valeska-chiquita4 years, 5 months said ago:

    no such thing as no christian wich,and if you beleive that stuff and beleive in that
    stuff you are in big trouble