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The High End of Low

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  • well. i guess ill come right out and say it. i didnt like mechanical animals when it came out, it sounded nothing like his 3 previous albums, and i wasnt impressed. but after holy wood, i thought hed brought his older stuff back. now, i have come to like mechanical animals. it took me until after holy wood to appreciate it. then grotesque came out, and i still liked that, but found it lacking somewhat. then eat me came out, and i was not particularly impressed at all. my favorite track on that album is you and me and the devil makes 3. sounded dark, thoughtful, and cold. i could do the twist to it. now with the new one, i dont like it. i listened to the demos on amazon, and at planet music, and heard the entire song arma-gd. he seems to be raping himself in that one. granted, he used the tried-and-true method for an anthem, and the lyrics were ok. i got the idea. but its lacking the soul of his 3 earliest albums. antichrist is one of my favorite albums, one of the best industrial metal albums of all time, and it will always be one of the best. his alpha and omega. but this newest album smacks of parody and weakness. at an ever-quickening pace, manson has joined the rest of the radio-rock bulls##t, and soon he will be among the other p###ies. now, my favorite band is bile. but even bile has gone the route of bulls##t radio rock. if i wanted to hear the god###n backstreet boys, id promptly put drills in my ears. everyone in rock is sucking, and sucking fast, and just as bad as the wannabe rap that is “club rap” thats coming out nowadays. where is the soul, people? where is the darkness? where is the RAGE? im sick of this boy-band bulls##t that rock sounds like now. kick this soft s##t to the curb. manson will find more fans, but i am a fan of his old stuff. this stuff sucks. thats right, im not sugar-coating this nonsense, trying to “feel-out” mansons needs. its horses##t, and needs to be called out as such. even his “spooky kids” days were better than this, and he was just getting warmed up, for f###s sake. the bands name is MARILYN MANSON, not linkin park. the music should reflect the name. if i wanted to hear any other type of music, id listen to that. if i wanted to hear blues, id listen to blues. and i like blues. but manson is not blues. i dont care if he pulls it off spectacularly, manson doesnt belong in blues. if manson wants to come out with something that doesnt sound like “MARILYN MANSON”, then he should change the name of the band, or do solo work, and under his real name. why does every band start out hard, then go soft? metallica, static x, korn, the list goes on and on. now everybody wants to sound like linkin park. and i f###ing HATE that band. they make rock suck. like creed. its all too soft for me. keep it real, people! keep it old school!

    Posted on January 22, 2010