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The Land of Rape and Honey

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  • This was my second Ministry album, my first being Psalm 69 way back in ‘92. I can’t believe this album is out of print, seeing how so many people consider it to be Ministry’s masterpiece. Even if it’s not my favorite Ministry album, I can’t deny its status as such. This is a brilliant album. While there are only about three songs that feature heavy guitar riffs, the entire album manages to sound aggressive. Even the slower songs like “Golden Dawn” and “Hizbollah” have an undercurrent of doom running through them. Then, of course, there’s “You Know What You Are” and “Flashback,” which are two of the most violent sounding songs ever recorded, with nary a guitar to be heard (except for a brief solo in “Flashback.”) And then there’s “I Prefer,” which manages to be almost speed metal without the metal.Every Ministry album has been different from all those that preceeded it, (until “Animositisomina” which is, I feel, the first Ministry album not to break much new ground. Though it’s still a good album) and this is one of the most important albums in Ministry’s evolution. This is the direct link from “Twitch” to the industrial metal they became known for. It’s as strong an album as they’ve ever released, and there really hasn’t been anything like it before or since. Essential listening.

    Posted on February 9, 2010