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The Last Tour on Earth

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  • I must say that when I first put this CD in the CD player and listened to it I was blown away, the talent of Manson and his band members is astounding. And I cannot BELIEVE that some people are ignorant enough to say Manson is a weak songwriter! As I have heard some say before, If Bob Dylan were to put some of these lines from Manson’s songs in his songs he would be considered the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed this album and I could just see Manson on stage performing with the band and the back-up singers. This album is his best since AntiChrist Superstar. It may even be better. Now to some of you who have left negative comments about this CD, (If you just complained only about the music, then this does not apply to you, it only applies to those who are judging Manson for who he is.) most of you most likely never even HEARD any of the songs on this cd and I think you’re nothing but narrow minded a**holes. Another thing, you talk about your Christian values and everything and talk about how much a horrible pest Manson is, but what about in the bible where it says “Judge lest ye be judged.” According to the bible you have NO right whatsoever to judge Manson, his opinions, his actions, or his beliefs. Unless you want to be judged in the same way by God… I respect Manson for fighting back against the hypocrites and narrow-minded people of this country and I can’t wait until his next album.

    Posted on January 3, 2010