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The Last Tour on Earth

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  • This is good stuff. I love Manson, and this album is great, the sound quality is very good. From the opening, the eerie “Inaugration of the Mechanical Christ”, which launches into a screaming rendition of “The Reflecting God”, this album is excellent. Some songs, like “Rock is Dead” and especially “Antichrist Superstar” sound better live in my opinion. “Lunchbox” and “I Don’t like the Drugs” are cool because Manson talks to the crowd – it’s all good. There’s a couple of really cool moments, from the audience clapping in the beginning of “Sweet Dreams” to Irresponsible Hate Anthem’s classic “and all the children sing . . . we hate love, we love hate”. This is must-have if you’re a Manson fan, and although I think the sound quality could’ve been just a bit better, it’s still quite good. Plus you get the great “Astonishing Panorama of the End Times”. My only complaint is it doesn’t have “Mechanical Animals” which was my favorite song off the album.

    Posted on January 3, 2010