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The Last Tour on Earth

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  • This album is worth picking up, but really doesn’t showcase all of Manson’s best work. I realize that not all live cds are greatest hits cds but he could’ve had some different songs on here. The sound quality isn’t superb, but it’s way better than any bootleg I own and isn’t bad either. The best tracks on here are definitely Great Big White World, The Beautiful People, and The Last Day On Earth (acoustic version). The studio track in the end is also great, it was an outtake from the Antichrist Superstar sessions. I think it would have fit in right around the beginning of the album (not important, just thought I’d share that). I really like the studio version to The Reflecting God better because the chorus part is different. I really enjoy the speech in the beginning of I Don’t Like The Drugs, it really reminds me of a live Doors recording my mother has lying around. For all of you people who come on here and talk about how he’s the devil, … you haven’t even heard the album so you have no business coming in here and giving it bad reviews. You’re techincally committing a sin anyway because you agreed that you’ve heard the cd and you haven’t. Back to the album, if you’re a Manson fan pick it up, for those casual fans, maybe later down the line, and for non-fans, stay in your commericalized TRL world and look at your Britney Spears posters.

    Posted on January 3, 2010