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The Last Tour on Earth

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  • Now, I am a pretty big Manson fan, and have been since sometime in ‘95 or so, and I must say that I really enjoyed this album. I have to disagree with the general consensus that the Beautiful People is better here than on Antichrist; I personally prefer the studio version due to it’s itensely pounding synthetic beats. I like drums, don’t get me wrong, and if I didn’t ahve a pre-existing version of TBP in my head I may hav felt differently. As for the rest of it, it is very good, and manson’s antics are highly entertaining. I absolutely love End Times, but can see why it was cut from Antichrist. It is superior to many of the songs on that album, but serves the same purpose as The Reflecting God in terms of storyline, which is a masterpiece. Astonishing panorama… however, is a marvellous bridge between Antichrist and Mechanical Animals. All in all, a highly enjoyable purchase, worth every penny and worth listening to again and again.

    Posted on January 3, 2010