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The Legacy

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  • Until very recently, I was never familiar w/ Testament. Someone recommended them to me. I must say that this and “Practice What You Preach” are their best albums, by far. The music is very much like that of 80s MetallicA which rules, because old MetallicA rules. The best tracks are “Over The Wall”, “C.O.T.L.O.D.”, “Alone In The Dark”, and “The Haunting”.

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  • Wow. That’s the word that just about sums up this album. This CD is absolutely excellent, and is one of the finest CD’s in the thrash genre. I also see this album as one of the best debut albums ever. Alex rips through ever song with incredible arpeggios and searing solos, while Eric keeps up the pace with his intellegent rhythms. Rhythm section leaders Greg and Louie tear it up as well (BTW, no offense to Lars or anything, but Louie blows him away). Not to mention the haunting vocals of mister Billy himself.The Band: Chuck, vocals- YES!!! One of thrashes finest vocalists does probably the best he’s ever done on this album. Chuck was definately one of the reasons I was drawn to Testament. Check out his pipes on stuff like ‘First Strike is Deadly’ or ‘Over The Wall.’ And it’s really cool to see that Chuck was usin’ his deep voice even back then (‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’), way before death metal even began! Louie, drums- Probably was the best drummer in the thrash genre (That doesn’t include Dave Lombardo, Igor Cavalera or Paul Bostaph, because I consider them to be death-thrash musicians). I mean, you can’t deny his greatness on tracks such as ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’, ‘First..’, or ‘The Haunting.’ This guy’s style is a like something you’ve never with a mix of Ulrich and Lombardo. It’s pretty sad that Clement never got back together with T after the ‘The Ritual’, and he will truly be missed. Alex, lead & rhythm guitars- At first listen, I didn’t really like Alex’s style. The arpeggios he pulled every few seconds didn’t impress me, and in some areas, began to annoy me. But, now I’ve become somewhat of a more intellegent guitar player, and now I see that Skolnick was in a world of his own. Man, no one has ever played like this guy has. No one has been able to pull of those super fast scales with such melody and perfection. Alex’s timing and excution is another aspect of his beauty. It’s sad to see him go, but I was happily shocked to see that he’s worked on the new ‘First Strike Still Deadly’ album. (Nothing new, but great to hear him again.) Eric, lead & rhythm guitar-Ah, yes, Peterson, one of metal’s finest rhythm guitarists. While his stuff on hear might not sound very incredible (but still great, mind you), Eric’s work on new Testament and Dragonlord stuff shows that this man surpasses almost every rhythm guitarist, even Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. Plus, Eric writes most of my favorite T song of all time, the horribly underrated (not to mention unused in their live set) ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’ Greg, bass- This guy’s bass rattles and hums all throughout ‘The Legacy.’ Greg’s supreme talent isn’t excuted here I believe (To see Greg’s best, listen to the Oriental-titled instrumental on ‘Low’), but he sure as heck should impress you. It’s too bad this album was badly produced, but amazingly you can still hear Greg’s booms. This is an excellent start for anyone who is looking for some hardcore THRASH! It’s sad that not many people ever heard of this band. This is the best choice for thrash if you’re lookin’ for something new and are bored (well, I can’t believe you can bored of these guys) with the same thrash like Metallica and Anthrax.

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  • yes the title says it all. this is the very first album of one of the greatest and underated bands ever in the history of music. they were such great musicians that one cant help but wonder why they didnt get more recognition. with chuck’s screams, alex’s wild solos (hes only 18 on this album!), greg’s booming bass, louie’s madman drumming, and eric’s heavy-… rhythm playing, what more would you need in a metal album? still doubtful? let me put an end to your worries.1.Over the Wall-the first testament song i ever heard. i knew i would be a testament fan after hearing this one. it is about someone who is trying to get out of prison. i also knew that alex skolnick would be one of my faves after hearing his wild solo2.The Haunting-man this sucker is FAST. im surprised chuck doesnt have to catch his breath.that riff will haunt you for days to come3.Burnt Offerings-dont let the intro fool you this song is heavy. chuck sings the verses with a sort of catchy rhythm. i think greg’s bass kind of stands out on this one.4.Raging Waters-this one has some pretty evil lyrics. but chuck says them kind of fast so you cant really hear them. man just dig that chorus5.C.O.T.L.O.D.-FAST AND HEAVY!!! its a two minute thrashfest with some insane drumming by louie and greg’s bass is turned up for this one. try not to destroy your room to this one6.First Strike Is Deadly-kind of a weird intro, but an awesome song. man these guys just let it rip on this one! chuck sings with some of his highest screaming ever. the lyrics kick a** too7.Do or Die-the only one chuck helped write (their first singer was steve souza of exodus) but its a dang good one. my mind just goes out of control when i think how hard it was to play this speedy number8.Alone in the Dark-chuck uses a lot of singing types in this one. he sings with his regular voice, his deep voice, and he actually SINGS on the chorus. its awesome to see he sang with such melody back in 19879.Apocalyptic City-a beautiful melodic intro. then it just goes into a heavy song that seems to be about a pyromaniac or something. alex’s solo is AWESOMEthis is defintely testament’s rawest and fastest album. they would eventually branch out to some melody, but they would stay just as good. i think this is sort of like “Kill em All” by Metallica. its fast, crazy, made a name for the band, and both albums were the start of a great band. i actually think it is best to start your testament collection here since it is pretty raw. why this band didnt get more well-known is beyond me….

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  • When people think of thrash metal from the 80s, the Big Four(Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) tend to come to mind. But if it had been the Big Five, Testament definitely would have been that fifth band. But even though they may not be as well-known, it doesn’t take away from their music at all. And what good music it is! This lacks the polish of albums like Practice What You Preach, but I think that helps the music in this case. It is definitely raw, which always helps a band’s first album in my opinion.

    Over the Wall blasts this killer album off with fast-paced and somewhat melodic riffing. When Chuck starts singing, you can tell this album will kick some ass because he sings with such power. You can’t help but love it when he goes “Holding the quest for freedom THAT BECKONS ME!” Chuck gives some good shrieks on this song, and the guitar solo shows us the genius of Alex Skolnick (who was still a teenager at the time, I might add.) Very melodic and breathtaking solo, it’s amazing how he could play so flawlessly at such a young age! The Haunting is a killer thrasher, with some very menacing riffs at the beginning. Chuck shows us just how fast he can sing on some parts of the song, and he also gives us some evil shrieks. My favorite one is when he goes “For the haunting now BEGINS!” Gives me goosebumps every time. Alex’s solo is amazing, and pretty damn fast as well. Burnt Offerings has a very peaceful and soft intro, and Alex does some emotional guitar playing. But pretty soon the song picks up and turns into a killer metal tune. The singing and the riffs are both quite catchy and Louie’s drumming is pretty good on here. Chuck’s shrieks on this one are particularly sickening. Raging Waters is a mean metal song with ass-kicking riffs. Alex and Eric are both riff-masters by the way. Chuck sings the verses fast (How does he keep his breath?) and the chorus in a melodic voice. He even gives us some low growls towards the end, hinting at his later style of singing. That is one of the many things I like about Chuck, he can sing in a low voice, a high voice, a melodic voice, you name it. Alex gives us another wild and fast guitar solo as well. Do or Die immediately grabs you with heavy riffs and stellar drum work. The chorus to this song is one of the catchiest choruses on the album, it may not sound like it fits, but you have to hear it because it really does work! Gotta love that shriek of “HELL IS THE PLACE YOU’LL GO!” Now that is a metal shriek, folks! Alex tops it all of with a good solo.

    Alone in the Dark starts with melodic guitar playing, which soon gets heavier. The chorus is on here is really melodic and nicely sung by Chuck, it doesn’t even sound like him! If you have any doubts that he can sing, then check that chorus out! Speaking of melody, you gotta hear Alex’s solo. It is wondefully done and very brilliant. Even the riffs have a bit of melody in there! C.O.T.L.O.D. is a killer speed metal song, perfect for mosh pits. Alex and Eric’s riffs will beat you senseless right from the start. Louie’s drumming on here is some of his best on the album, fast and crushing! I love those gang vocals of “Provoke the dead!” towards the end, and Chuck’s laugh is great too. Nice little solo in there too! First Strike is Deadly has a creepy intro, but it soon turns into some awesome heavy metal! Louie is all over the drums, and the riffs on this song are metal through and through. Chuck’s screams are some of best here, especailly when he goes “FIRST STRIKE IS DEADLY!” that always makes my hairs stand on end. This fantastic album ends with a fantastic closer: Apocalyptic City. It has a beautiful intro with great guitar work, but soon morphs some more kick-ass metal. “Burn! Feel no shame or pity/Burn! Apocalyptic City.” How can you not love those lyrics? Alex’s solo is his best on the album. No contest at all. The melody is simply outstanding, you may find yourself rewinding the song just to hear that solo over and over again. Chuck gives one last shriek at the end, and it brings the album to a memorable close.

    By 1987, there were many thrash bands, but I think Testament stands above many of them. Their riffs are brutal, yet catchy in a way. And I mentioned before how talented of a vocalist Chuck is. And having Alex Skolnick in your band doesn’t hurt either! Trust me, if you haven’t heard this guy before, then all of the praise he gets is deserved! He is not overrated in any way, his solos put him in a league of his own. This is not mainstream music, this is a raw and dirty piece of thrash metal. And if you like that mean sound in thrash (and why the hell wouldn’t you?) then get The Legacy as soon as you can!

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  • Most consider New Order to be the best of Testament’s albums. While I agree that New Order is awesome, I’d have to say that The Legacy is the best they’ve done. They wouldn’t be this fast or heavy again for quite awhile. Alot of people state that Testament where trying to mimmick Metallica with their debut. Whoever is saying this is should get a spoon and clean the funk out of their ears, coz if I had to compare it to anything at all, I’d compare it to Slayer. It is quite unfortunate that Testament never got the popularity and recognition of their peers. Sure, Testament weren’t breaking any new ground with their debut, but it’s solid and well done thrash. I don’t know why, but I chuckle when Chuck yells, “the devil’s triangle!” Click “yes” for Helpful if you think this is funny too. So, if you only buy one Testament album, I’d tell you to get The Legacy.

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