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The Legacy

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  • yes the title says it all. this is the very first album of one of the greatest and underated bands ever in the history of music. they were such great musicians that one cant help but wonder why they didnt get more recognition. with chuck’s screams, alex’s wild solos (hes only 18 on this album!), greg’s booming bass, louie’s madman drumming, and eric’s heavy-… rhythm playing, what more would you need in a metal album? still doubtful? let me put an end to your worries.1.Over the Wall-the first testament song i ever heard. i knew i would be a testament fan after hearing this one. it is about someone who is trying to get out of prison. i also knew that alex skolnick would be one of my faves after hearing his wild solo2.The Haunting-man this sucker is FAST. im surprised chuck doesnt have to catch his breath.that riff will haunt you for days to come3.Burnt Offerings-dont let the intro fool you this song is heavy. chuck sings the verses with a sort of catchy rhythm. i think greg’s bass kind of stands out on this one.4.Raging Waters-this one has some pretty evil lyrics. but chuck says them kind of fast so you cant really hear them. man just dig that chorus5.C.O.T.L.O.D.-FAST AND HEAVY!!! its a two minute thrashfest with some insane drumming by louie and greg’s bass is turned up for this one. try not to destroy your room to this one6.First Strike Is Deadly-kind of a weird intro, but an awesome song. man these guys just let it rip on this one! chuck sings with some of his highest screaming ever. the lyrics kick a** too7.Do or Die-the only one chuck helped write (their first singer was steve souza of exodus) but its a dang good one. my mind just goes out of control when i think how hard it was to play this speedy number8.Alone in the Dark-chuck uses a lot of singing types in this one. he sings with his regular voice, his deep voice, and he actually SINGS on the chorus. its awesome to see he sang with such melody back in 19879.Apocalyptic City-a beautiful melodic intro. then it just goes into a heavy song that seems to be about a pyromaniac or something. alex’s solo is AWESOMEthis is defintely testament’s rawest and fastest album. they would eventually branch out to some melody, but they would stay just as good. i think this is sort of like “Kill em All” by Metallica. its fast, crazy, made a name for the band, and both albums were the start of a great band. i actually think it is best to start your testament collection here since it is pretty raw. why this band didnt get more well-known is beyond me….

    Posted on February 15, 2010