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The Legacy

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  • Wow. That’s the word that just about sums up this album. This CD is absolutely excellent, and is one of the finest CD’s in the thrash genre. I also see this album as one of the best debut albums ever. Alex rips through ever song with incredible arpeggios and searing solos, while Eric keeps up the pace with his intellegent rhythms. Rhythm section leaders Greg and Louie tear it up as well (BTW, no offense to Lars or anything, but Louie blows him away). Not to mention the haunting vocals of mister Billy himself.The Band: Chuck, vocals- YES!!! One of thrashes finest vocalists does probably the best he’s ever done on this album. Chuck was definately one of the reasons I was drawn to Testament. Check out his pipes on stuff like ‘First Strike is Deadly’ or ‘Over The Wall.’ And it’s really cool to see that Chuck was usin’ his deep voice even back then (‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’), way before death metal even began! Louie, drums- Probably was the best drummer in the thrash genre (That doesn’t include Dave Lombardo, Igor Cavalera or Paul Bostaph, because I consider them to be death-thrash musicians). I mean, you can’t deny his greatness on tracks such as ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’, ‘First..’, or ‘The Haunting.’ This guy’s style is a like something you’ve never with a mix of Ulrich and Lombardo. It’s pretty sad that Clement never got back together with T after the ‘The Ritual’, and he will truly be missed. Alex, lead & rhythm guitars- At first listen, I didn’t really like Alex’s style. The arpeggios he pulled every few seconds didn’t impress me, and in some areas, began to annoy me. But, now I’ve become somewhat of a more intellegent guitar player, and now I see that Skolnick was in a world of his own. Man, no one has ever played like this guy has. No one has been able to pull of those super fast scales with such melody and perfection. Alex’s timing and excution is another aspect of his beauty. It’s sad to see him go, but I was happily shocked to see that he’s worked on the new ‘First Strike Still Deadly’ album. (Nothing new, but great to hear him again.) Eric, lead & rhythm guitar-Ah, yes, Peterson, one of metal’s finest rhythm guitarists. While his stuff on hear might not sound very incredible (but still great, mind you), Eric’s work on new Testament and Dragonlord stuff shows that this man surpasses almost every rhythm guitarist, even Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. Plus, Eric writes most of my favorite T song of all time, the horribly underrated (not to mention unused in their live set) ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’ Greg, bass- This guy’s bass rattles and hums all throughout ‘The Legacy.’ Greg’s supreme talent isn’t excuted here I believe (To see Greg’s best, listen to the Oriental-titled instrumental on ‘Low’), but he sure as heck should impress you. It’s too bad this album was badly produced, but amazingly you can still hear Greg’s booms. This is an excellent start for anyone who is looking for some hardcore THRASH! It’s sad that not many people ever heard of this band. This is the best choice for thrash if you’re lookin’ for something new and are bored (well, I can’t believe you can bored of these guys) with the same thrash like Metallica and Anthrax.

    Posted on February 15, 2010