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  • This album is great, and the only reason it’s my least favorite Gojira album is because of the production. It sounds good, but not as good as their other 2 albums. They even remastered it and it sounded a little better, but still a little thin for a band this heavy! Needs way more bass, and a better sounding Kick for sure. Anyway, this album has less of a vibe than the other two in my opinion. All their albums have a concept type feel to them, or motif. This album feels more like a bunch of separate songs than a concept album if that makes any sense. The vocalist experiments on a few songs with certain vocals that can be a turn off to some, almost silly sounding, but after a few listens you get used to them and they are great. The music is some of the heaviest I’ve ever heard. For any of you Mastodon, Isis, Neurosis junkies, or old school Death Metal junkies, check this band out, they are AMAZING.

    Posted on December 7, 2009