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The Lonely Position Of Neutral

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  • I see TRUSTcompany’s major label debut, THE LONELY POSITION OF NEUTRAL, as an 11-song collection that showcases a blend of the sounds of the most popular rock bands of the past few years. All of the songs are very catchy, well-written, and great fun to listen to, but in the end, this is not a 5-star album. Why? This band draws very heavily from Linkin Park (mainly in the vocal style) and other bands such as Nickelback, Default, etc., that have been popular in the past year or two (many of whom also drew very heavily from bands that had been popular just before that).All in all, this is a CD that is selling [inexpensively] at most stores, and I’d recommend picking it up. There haven’t been all that many impressive albums released this summer for rock fans, and this is definitely worth the price tag. If you enjoyed HYBRID THEORY especially for its melodic sections you will love this, as it really does sound like Linkin Park without the rapper. I normally would give the album only 2 or 3 stars because of this (I have slammed Default’s album for practically burning a carbon copy of Nickelback’s SILVER SIDE UP), but it’s impossible because TRUSTcompany has taken the formula and perfected it with a series of incredibly catchy, fun, and amazing sounding songs.The best songs on the CD are “Hover,” “Running From Me,” and the single, “Downfall,” in my opinion. The majority of the other songs are also very good.My advice: as long as you are a fan of the rock of the past year or two, this will be a very good album for you….If you are one of these people and are looking for a groundbreaking record that doesn’t sound much like anything out there, though, this is far from what you want. For everyone else, though, give it a try, and you’ll find that these copycats have succeeded where I believe the aforementioned groups have miserably failed: in writing songs with “identity” that have varying and impressive melodies and decent lyrics.

    Posted on March 7, 2010