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The Lonely Position Of Neutral

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  • O.K….Im not going to pretend like I’ve known about Trust Company for years. The thing I will do is tell it like it is. This CD is the best CD I have bought this year, next to the Vines. If you are looking for variety on this cd, forget about it. But if I hear one more time that Trust Company sounds like Linkin Park…..I will flip out. There is no hip-hop involved, just fine precision strings of bass, guitar, drums, and hard emotional vocals. They sound like a less electronic Stabbing Westward. To be honest, this CD is a different sound…..soon to be copied. Very upfront, very catchy. Many hooks and loops that stick in your head. Its not like anything out now. I can see where the guitars and screaming vocals sound like Linkin Park…..but the truth is..nobody sounds like Trust Company. MTV2 was right about them. They are a new breed of rock and roll. Real melancholy though, but at the same time….healing. The standout songs……”Hover”, the first single “downfall”, and my all time favorite “deeper into you”. This song will soon be radio staple like Puddle of Mudd’s Blurry, mark my words. I haven’t handed out 5 stars except to Linkin Park’s Hybrid THeory, Santan’s Supernatural, and Jay-Z’s Blueprint….so you know Trust Company is deserving. Please buy this cd, and play endlessly!Enjoy!!!!!!!!

    Posted on March 7, 2010