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The Lonely Position Of Neutral

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  • I’ve always said that you can tell a lot about a band by the way they put themselves out into the open. In terms of what I think works the best, going for the subtleness angle usually seems to work. Bands like Slipknot who wear masks and scream and yell and say they hate the world really have no business in the music industry. They are not a band, just a bunch of angry guys that get together and clunk heads. Bands shouldn’t wear costumes. Bands shouldn’t vomit onstage. Bands should play music, and mean what they say in their words. Trust Company had me at hello.I had the opportunity to see this band open for Sevendust (the world’s finest band ever) and was very impressed. They had emotion in their songs and got the crowd moving, and they did it without lighting themselves on fire, vomiting on the crowd… All they did was play songs. I bought the CD the day it came out and found that it was not corrupted by recording equipment at all. The lyrics are very good and deal with standing out in a world where it’s so hard to do so, as well as dealing with things that all human beings have to go through. It sounds clicheed, but I promise you that it’s not because of the simplicity with which they write about it. I believe that the soft-spoken usually have the most depth, and Trust Company really proves this to be true because of how they write their songs. This band is going places. Their first single “Downfall” will not be their last. This debut is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The last debut to have this much promise was Creed’s first disc, and look where they are now. Trust Company is a great band, and you don’t have to peel off their masks to see that.

    Posted on March 7, 2010