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The Long Road

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  • First of all, let me just say that the people who blatantly insult this record and act like asses usually have NOT listened to it. I’ve seen a few reviews that weren’t in favor of the CD, but they actually listened to it and gave a well-written review with reasons as to WHY they dislike it. Others just say “OMG liek niklbak suxorZ lisen 2 reel muzik liek metalica u jackass!!111q!!1!1!’. They’re pathetic.Now, onto the actual CD. A pretty solid CD, in my opinion. It starts off with an energetic, hard-rocking track, Flat On the Floor. A great way to start the album. After that is Do This Anymore, a great song overall. A great solo, good lyrics and a good tune, just an awesome song all around. After that follows Someday, the album’s first single. A ballad-like song, it’s not bad but there are better. I won’t go through the whole CD, but one other great song that I’d like to point out is Because of You. Possibly the best song on the album, a great song and the lyrics are very well-written.All fourteen songs are pretty good, and even if you were displeased with Nickelback’s Silver Side Up, or were afraid to try because of How You Remind Me, you should still give this CD a listen. Nickelback has improved and have produced a great CD in The Long Road. The nay-sayers here who give this CD one star mostly haven’t heard it. Don’t let it sway you away from a great album by a band that’s not given an honest chance.

    Posted on January 17, 2010