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The Long Road

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  • Ok, so maybe it’s not as good as Silver Side Up, but the boys of Nickelback had a HUGE task in front of them to top that masterpiece, and they did pretty well. Most of the tracks are good, but unfortunatly I got the limited editon version which goes on WAY TOO LONG i.e after track 11, I start to get REALLY bored.

    Flat on the floor…(Very faced paced, with an awesome chorus. One of the best on the album 9/10)

    Do this Anymore…(The beginning is kinda slow, but it kicks in pretty quick with killer verses and an ultra-catchy chorus. Probably one of my favorite songs By Nickelback, period 10/10)

    Someday…(Way too overplayed, expecially on Mtv. At first I really liked it, but now I usually skip over to Believe it or not 8/10)

    Believe it or Not…(The verses are kinda slow and repetitive, but the chorus is great 8/10)

    Feelin way too damn good…(Very well sung, with a nice, melodic ring to it. It has the kinda chorus that’ll get you singing along once you learn the words too, which is always a plus 8/10)

    Because of you…(The chorus on this one seems almost perfect, right up until the end. The thing is, they try to jam too many words into too little time, and the result is an almost ugly sound. Minus that little detail, its a great song 8/10)

    Figured You Out…(The second single, and totally stupid lyrically. Still, it’s pretty catchy 7/10)

    Should’ve listened…(The fact that I can’t remember how it goes tells me right away that it’s forgetable. Too be fair, I wont grade it n/a)

    Throw Yourself Away…(Its got a very “Nickelback” sound, which is a good thing. The lyrics are pretty heavy too, kinda like “Never Again” from silver side up 9/10)

    Another Hole In The Head…(For some reason, the chorus really stands out for me on this one. That alone makes it worth listening to 8/10)

    See you at the show…(Great (offical) closer. The chorus is great, the verses are great, and the song is very catchy. The lyrics are kinda dumb tho 8.5/10)

    The Other 3 Songs…I don’t really listen to these, at all. But the first time I heard “Learn the hard way” (track 13), I was pretty impressed.

    Posted on January 18, 2010