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The Lost Art of Time Travel

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  • Like Presto Ballet’s debut, Peace Among the Ruins, The Lost Art of Time Travel is a solid piece of work that embraces the finer elements of classic hard rock and progressive rock. Where it differs from the first CD, however, is in the presence of occasionally superfluous prog. While Peace Among the Ruins holds indulgence neatly in check and keeps a healthy balance between prog and straight ahead rock, Time Travel opens things up for more elaborate production and a mildly trying reliance on intense or moody repetition rather than creative substance. The two longest songs, ‘The Mind Machine’ and ‘One Tragedy at a Time’, run a little long for my taste. It doesn’t necessarily make the ride less enjoyable, but I’m just the tiniest bit grateful when they finally end.
    On the scale of things, it’s a minor quibble. Presto Ballet are very, very good at what they do. There are few bands like them to be found these days except for their aging forerunners who are, for the most part, regurgitating what they did long ago. Even so, while their sensibilities lie firmly in the past, Presto Ballet sound very much like a modern, energetic band with plenty of ideas to spare and to come. I look forward to their next effort.

    Posted on December 11, 2009