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The Matrix Reloaded

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  • I’m not usually one to buy soundtracks. Most soundtracks have nothing more than a few good songs, and the rest I could care less about. The original Matrix soundtrack had some excellent stuff, along with some garbage. I ended up just purchasing the albums of the tracks I liked rather than buying the soundtrack itself, and I haven’t regretted the decision one bit. I do however, buy movie scores from time to time (the good ones), and I bought the original Matrix score which is ‘OK’. It’s not surprising then that when I found that, for Reloaded, both the soundtrack and the score would be released on one album I was a bit disappointed. Part of me admired the idea from a marketing standpoint; forcing everyone to buy both albums. The other part of me was a little bit happy since double-CDs are usually less than two separate CDs. Needless to say, when I found this CD on sale for less than the cost of your typical single CD, I was thrilled.The Matrix website will allow you to preview 8-10 of the songs in their entirety, and it was doing this myself that made up my mind to buy the album (even before I discovered the great price). I recommend you do the same, as listening to the songs for yourself are better than any review could possibly be. But since you can’t listen to the entire album, read on.Disc 1: For the most part, this disc compares to the first Matrix soundtrack. In some ways it’s better, but in others it’s not as good. Returning artists are Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Rage Against the Machine. Unfortunately, none of their tracks come close to their work on the original. Only Rob Zombie’s track Reload was even listenable. The Manson track is easily the worst thing on either CD. The rest of the tracks are more consistent, if different than the first Matrix soundtrack. This time, there is a much more techno/electronic feel as opposed to the more hardcore industrial/metal feel of the original. This will be good for some, and bad for others depending on your taste.Disc 2: This is where the album takes a step up from the original score. Present is Don Davis’ familiar themes, but in addition is considerable collaberation with the ectronic/techno group Juno Reactor giving the score a techno sound that I found much more listenable than the original.In all, the great price makes this double-CD a great value. Fans of the original soundtrack or score probably won’t want to miss this.

    Posted on January 19, 2010