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The Matrix Reloaded

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  • After seeing the movie 3 times already, I decided to get the album . I absolutely loved the music from the 100 Agent Smith scene & the highway as well. Well, I’ll give a rundown on the tracks. Disc 1: Songs-Linkin Park-Session: I’m not a fan of LP, so I have no comment on this one.-Marilyn Manson-This is the New [stuff]: I liked this one a lot, it definatly suits the Martix, plus he was great in the last soundtrack.-Rob Zombie-Reload: Excellent track w/ great addittions of techno, good stuff here.-Rob Dougan-Furious Angels: Another good track.-Deftones-Lucky You: This one, I have mixed feelings. Medicore would be the best way to put it, but that’s me.-Team Sleep-The Passportal: Good Track.-P.O.D.-Sleeping Awake: I hate christian bands except for POD, they have well done songs and this is no exception.-Unloco-Bruises: Pretty good, but there’s better on the disc.-(Paul)Oakenfold-Dread rock: I have been listening to Paul since Tranceport came out. No wonder he’s the greatest DJ on the planet. This is probably my fav track on disc 1.-Fluke-Zion: New band I believe, but they have a great song here.-Dave Matthews Band-When the World Ends(Oakenfold Remix): This was a huge surprise for me, but its done very well. Disc 2: The Score of the Movie-Don Davis-Main Title: It will be a long time before I forget this track, an awsome opener.-Don Davis-Trinity Dream: Good, good.-Juno Reactor/Gocoo-Teahouse: A nice little heart-pumping track for the teahouse scene.-Rob Dougan-Chateau: My fav on the disc, incredible orchestra w/ excellent electronica beats. Just simply awsome.-Juno Reactor/Don Davis-Mona Lisa Overdrive: A excellent piece of music here. When you see the highway scene, you’ll know what I’m talking about.-Juno Reactor/Don Davis- Burly Brawl: Compelling, but not really a fav of mine.-Don Davis-”Matrix Reloaded” Suite: Incerdibily long but in a league of its own.Great album through and through. I recommend it to anyone who is a fanatic Matrix fan.

    Posted on January 19, 2010