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The Matrix Reloaded

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  • Bought this CD the day it came out and it was well worth it. While not perfect it still has the right combination of metal, classical score, and techno/hip-hop. Sometimes all those elements are fused into one song! I’ll go song by song:Disc 1:1: “Session” by Linkin Park: Very un-Linkin Park; haunting, beautiful, melodic and atmospheric all at the same time. 2: “This is the New Sh*t” by Marilyn Manson: Unlike the title suggests, this is nothing new. Not impressive or very good.3: “Reload” by Rob Zombie: Metal mixed with techno and Zombie’s vocals. Very hard and rough. LOUD!4: “Furious Angels” by Rob Dougan: Beautiful, plain and simple. Easily one of the best songs on the soundtrack. Mixing of orchestral music with techno beats results in a song that lets you close your eyes and almost feel the Matrix. 5: “Lucky You” by The Deftones: Very mellow, moody and haunting. Beautifully done and very fitting for the soundtrack.6: “The Passportal” by Team Sleep: Techno mostly, not much to say about it. Mid tempo.7: “Sleeping Awake” by P.O.D.: Never been a POD fan, and this song hasn’t changed that fact. More of the same from them. Not sure why its on this soundtrack other than for the lyrics. Musically it doesn’t fit with the rest of the songs.8: “Bruises” by Unloco: Have never heard of the band before, but this song makes me want to listen to more of them. Good heavy song.9: “Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine: Classic, a song by RATM almost seemed inevitable after the ending of the first movie.10: “Dread Rock” by Oakenfold: The song most likely alludes to the Twins, The two men in the matrix who are dressed in white and can go all ghostly. Techno and typical Oakenfold but very good.11: “Zion” by Fluke: More techno, although this one is less hectic and more tribal than “Dread Rock.” Most likely will be used in the movie during the Zion scene.12: “When the World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)” by Dave Matthews Band: BIGGEST surprise of the soundtrack and easily the best song on the first disc. Matthew’s voice is creepy and haunting and the remix by Oakenfold fits right in with it. Should play over the end credits. Beautiful song and a big change from the original, which was featured on the DMB album “Everyday.”Disc 2: Score1: “Main Title” by Don Davis (Pure score, sounds like the original.)2: “Trinity Dream” by Don Davis (Pure score.)3: “Teahouse” by Juno Reactor featuring Gocoo (Amazing track! Tribal Drums!)4: “Chateau” by Rob Dougan (Like ‘Furious Angels,’ another brilliant song!)5: “Mona Lisa Overdrive” by Juno Reactor/Don Davis (good track)6: “Burly Brawl” by Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis (BIG, loud and fun.)7: “Matrix Reloaded Suite” by Don Davis (more straight score)Extras as well, including trailers and a documentary on the making of the video game that ties into the movie. If you’re a fan of the first movie’s soundtrack, then definitely purchase this one.

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