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UK remastered pressing of the 1980 self titled debut album. EMI. 2006.

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  • This album is a sleeper. Schenker’s debut came out in 1980, a year when more then a few ground breaking albums hit store shelves. Even most serious hardrock/metal fans are completely oblivious to this album, i find this unacceptable! It has never truely recived the credit it deserved, i mean, for it’s time, the guitar playing mastery of this man was absolutley unheard of and unapproachable. Micheal’s combination of emotion and skill was unbeatable, i will never forget hearing “Armed & Ready” for the first time, and being blown out the window.

    It is his most important/signifigant album, as it was his first time on his own, having just left UFO and Scorpions, and asembling a new band from the ground up. This first release was his greatest solo album i think, it was like he had something to prove to the world and to his old band mates. It’s definatly one of the most underrated albums in rock.

    MSG, the follow up, while good, didn’t have the same level of energy of spirit as the debut. It was more commercial sounding but in a twisted sence of irony, the production sucked. This album is where he had it all right, best line-up, strongest material, great sound, as it was produced by Deep Purple/Rainbow bassist Roger Glover.

    I’m amazed that he has never got his due in America. He was never popolur here, only in Europe. His style could make Eddie Van Halen cry himself to sleep.

    Let’s also not forget the OTHER virtuoso on the album, the drumming wonder Simon Philips.He is one of the greatest drummers ever.

    Posted on March 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The first MSG album (1980) showcases Michael Schenker at his best with the help of real studio musicians (not that rag tag bunch from UFO that he left behind to do this project). This is THE pivotal album that got me into hard rock with flashy guitar solos.

    Posted on March 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This original release on Chrysalis in 1980 finally showed Michael as the leader of his own band. After playing with Scorpions and UFO, he was on his own. It’s hard to know how long Schenker had the music worked out for all of these songs, but what is amazing is how well Gary Barden(Vocals) did with writing the lyrics for most of the songs. The rest of the band was rounded out with excellent session players; Mo Foster(Bass), Simon Phillips(Drums), and Don Airey(Keyboards). The production on the recording was Roger Glover and he worked well with this group of musicians.Michael’s guitar work is sharp, especially on the two instrumentals “Bijou Pleasurette” and “Into the Arena”. As always, he plays a multitude of astouding chords and showcases some extremely sharp solos. Barden, for being new to the music arena, does extremely well in the studio. The rest of the band is prime, as most of you who recognize Airey and Phillips know already. Phillips’ performance here is as good as on the SIN AFTER SIN album by Judas Priest.As far as the songs go, there are no songs to weed out to find the good stuff. This release was and remains a breath of fresh air from an old friend, who just wasn’t that old at the time. Extremely powerful tracks, both music and lyrics, include “Lost Horizons”, “Feels Like A Good Thing”, “Cry For the Nations”, and “Victim of Illusion”. The other tracks, although not as flashy as the afore mentioned songs are still well better than most releases; they are just overshadowed by the songs that are much better. If you like great guitar, seasoned musicians, and fresh lyrics, you should enjoy this disc from begining to end, as the variety of music is truely worthy to eartime.

    Posted on March 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This release stands the test of time perfectly! I bought this on LP when it came out in 1980, and actually saw this tour live in NY and NJ. It was incredible! I believe it was Molly Hatchet, MSG, and Kiss, and without question, MSG blew the other bands out of the water! I am 40 years old, and a hard rock/metal afficionado since I was in high school (one of my fave genres). After hearing hard rock, blues hard rock, progressive hard rock, death hard rock, grunge, nu-metal, (fill in the blank), I always go back to this release because it is, quite possibly, one of the BEST hard rock/metal release EVER! The songs are well structured, the drumming is clockwork and powerful, as is the heartfelt, megastrong vocals of Gary Barden, and the ungodly talented axework from the master himself, Mister/Master Michael Schenker. This is one of those CD’s that send chills up my spine when I hear what Michael is doing on the guitar! His ability to sustain melodic intensity in both rhythm and lead playing WITH a hard, bluesy meets metal approach is indicative of a true master on guitar! It is high time the Limp Bizkits of the world truly learn how to play artistic, connecting, emotive hard rock… the way it should be done like the Schenkers, Lifesons, Iommis, Pages, Tiptons, Jon Roths, Jabs, Murrays, Hammetts, Takasakis, Malmsteens, Buck Dharma Roesers, and Blackmores of the world (to name a few of the absolute best)!

    Posted on March 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A recording that will stand the test of time and serve as a reminder of just what a genius Schenker is with a Gibson Flying V. A lot of my friends listened to this CD for the first time and simply said; “Holy smokes! Where did he come from?” I then tell them he recorded this 25 years ago and was way younger than most of them. They were all utterly speechless and now are fans.

    What a great solo effort and Schenker came out of the gates with guns ablazing. Incredible material, song writing, production and performance by all band members. Simon Phillips is a very talented drummer and lays down some serious tracks.

    Highlight of this CD is the solo at the end of “Lost Horizons”, that is mind boggling guitar work that is beyond replication.

    This is a staple for anyone who follows extreme guitar talent and has an appreciation for master guitar work that will live on as long as music is played.


    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now