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The Michael Schenker Group

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  • This original release on Chrysalis in 1980 finally showed Michael as the leader of his own band. After playing with Scorpions and UFO, he was on his own. It’s hard to know how long Schenker had the music worked out for all of these songs, but what is amazing is how well Gary Barden(Vocals) did with writing the lyrics for most of the songs. The rest of the band was rounded out with excellent session players; Mo Foster(Bass), Simon Phillips(Drums), and Don Airey(Keyboards). The production on the recording was Roger Glover and he worked well with this group of musicians.Michael’s guitar work is sharp, especially on the two instrumentals “Bijou Pleasurette” and “Into the Arena”. As always, he plays a multitude of astouding chords and showcases some extremely sharp solos. Barden, for being new to the music arena, does extremely well in the studio. The rest of the band is prime, as most of you who recognize Airey and Phillips know already. Phillips’ performance here is as good as on the SIN AFTER SIN album by Judas Priest.As far as the songs go, there are no songs to weed out to find the good stuff. This release was and remains a breath of fresh air from an old friend, who just wasn’t that old at the time. Extremely powerful tracks, both music and lyrics, include “Lost Horizons”, “Feels Like A Good Thing”, “Cry For the Nations”, and “Victim of Illusion”. The other tracks, although not as flashy as the afore mentioned songs are still well better than most releases; they are just overshadowed by the songs that are much better. If you like great guitar, seasoned musicians, and fresh lyrics, you should enjoy this disc from begining to end, as the variety of music is truely worthy to eartime.

    Posted on March 2, 2010