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The Nature Of The Beast

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  • I would say for the most part April Wine is pretty much unknown to a lot of people in the U.S., and it’s not because they aren’t a good band, they just didn’t get the kind of attention or promotion that they deserved. Released in 1981 and a minor hit in America The Nature of the Beast is one of the 80’s best rock albums, that people don’t know about. Out of the ten songs on the album six of the songs are always fresh in my head. The ballad Just Between You and Me may be one of April Wine’s best known songs over here in the U.S., but don’t dismiss as a wussy 80’s band turning about ballads all of the time. There are plenty of rockers on The Nature of The Beast. Songs like All over Town, Sign of the Gypsy Queen, and Wanna Rock show that these boys know how to rock.If you can find the album pick it up. You may not have heard of the album before, but I’d say it’s more to due with Capitol records not promoting their artists very well, than the album or band not being very well.

    Posted on November 14, 2009