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The New Order

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  • The debate over what is the best Testament album is always an interesting one, because, even though the music isn’t so different on each albums, they all have their own unique theme. The Legacy is in your face 80’s thrash, Practice What You Preach and Souls of Black have their thrash meets melody elements, The Ritual has it’s mainstream metal, Demonic has it’s Death Metal elements, and Gathering , like Legacy , in your face thrash, but updated. Even though all their albums are good, I’d definitely say ” The New Order” (released in 1988 and their second album) is the best. As far as thrash goes, it definitely is up there with albums like ” Master of Puppets” ( Metallica) , “Reign in Blood” ( Slayer), and ” Rust in Peace” ( Megadeth). While Testament isn’t as big as those bands ( from a genre point of view), The New Order is great. The album is so melodic yet so heavy/fast at the same time. I have never listened to an album with so many songs that are easily concert set list worthy. There’s ” Eerie Inhabitants”, ” The New Order”, ” Trial B y Fire” , ” Into the Pit”, “Disciples of the Watch ( quite possibly the Testament classic), and ” The Preacher”, which are all very important songs in Testament’s history . ” Hypnosis” and ” Musical Death ( A Dirge)” are both great instrumentals. ” Nobody’s Fault” , which is an Aerosmith cover tune, is greatly translated from Classic Rock to Metal. ” A Day of Reckoning” to me is the only average song on he album. I love all the melodic intros and inspirational lyrics.I highly recommend this album , and I say if you only had to buy one Testament album ( Although The Legacy and Souls of Black are great too) , get this one.

    Posted on November 16, 2009