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The New Order

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  • Testament, with Alex Skolnick in the lineup, was the greatest metal band ever, IMHO. The New Order and Practice What You Preach are the metal equivalent of the Mona Lisa, great works that others have tried, but failed, to equal. If someone can come up with better chord progressions than Skolnick and Eric Peterson come up with in Trial By Fire and Disciples Of The Watch, I would like to know about it. Not that those are the only two great songs on the CD. I kid you not, there is not ONE bad song on this album. The thing that makes these to CD’s so great is Testament’s ability to play very fast but still keep a definate melodic flow to thier music, unlike a couple post-Skolnick efforts, Low and Demonic, that have little or no melodic flow to them. I am happy to report that thier latest effort, The Gathering, is a vast improvement on those previous two efforts. Though not up to Order or Preach quality, it is infinately more listenable than Low or Demonic.

    Posted on November 17, 2009