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The Ocean and the Sun

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  • Simply put – this album is not experimental enough for me. After being delighted by the other albums and their unusual flavor of off-beat experimental rock I was pretty dissapointted after listening through this several times. Just as a side not, I find it funny how certain reviewers will post their 5 star reviews to hype the album the day it comes out…have they even listened through the album enough to give a logical review? Detailing the band members history doesnt mean its a classic album.

    Anyway, this isnt a bad album by any means, it has its own style for sure, if any other band had made this album I would be pretty impressed. But if your looking for the same inventivness that TSOAF have brought in the past than youll be dissapointted. Theyve molded their own sound out of there previous incarnations well enough, but theres nothing new here.
    When I say this, I dont mean to deny their musical ability or anything, but this sounds like every other alternative rock band out nowadays. The album just isn’t on the cutting edge of anything, which is dissapointing. Theres no genre hoping like on the Tiger re-issue, or long meldoic portions like Lover, it feels kind of flat overall.
    If youve never heard TSOAF before than this won’t introduce you into the potential which this band has. And what is the deal with the track “Ahab”? I thought we got away from this “noize”, who wants to listen to annoying music, wth….

    Closer to the bands roots, but further from their objective. When I say closer to their roots I mean, more rock, less experimenting – and when I say their objective, I mean making experimental rock, but seriously – theres no experimenting on here, just rehash, get it right for the next go-around please guys.

    Posted on November 15, 2009