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The Oncoming Storm

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  • I will start out by saying I was a fan of Unearth before this CD came out. TSOC was a personal fave, so I was reallly looking forward to this. When it was released, I immediately got my hands on it, and was MORE than happy with the results. This is not a generic hardcore album, or a lame cheesy metal album like several bands have put out. It is a fusion of the best of metal, and the best of hardcore, which creates a sound few other bands are able to acheive.

    Ken and Buz are quite possibly the best 7-stringers playing out there today. Listen to Zombie Autopilot…these guys thrash the hell out of the 7-strings in ways that most guitar players would never imagine. The cool thing is each song has its own flavor. This Lying World has a really offbeat kind of intro that works amazingly well. Great Dividers definetely is the big sing-along type song that really gets you going right away. Perhaps my favorite track, Endless, brings the best of everything all together.

    Without rambling for too long, this is a great band…period. Fans of newer hardcore bands will be amazed that a band that uses this kind of style is this talented, and even old-school metalheads will probably raise their horns and salute. These guys are for real.

    Posted on December 6, 2009