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The Oncoming Storm

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  • There is a lot to like in this album, and a lot to hope for in the future. Each song features several mosh elements, and transitions that keep the songs’ flow alive and interesting. However, the changes come so frequently and unexpectedly that there’s very little to hold onto, minute to minute. Once Unearth finds a hook, they seem rather eager to let it go. So, ultimately, the complaints about songs running into one another have validity – more critically, there aren’t really “songs” on this album – like I said, TOS is more an agglomeration of “mosh movements”.

    TOS live should be a blast – this album seems more geared towards that, rather than to be enjoyed with friends, in the car, screaming along to, or as part of your singles collection. Though I guarantee you won’t be bored listening… that’s the benefit of music that’s always changing. Mudvayne had this “problem” previously – they seem to have survived and thrived in spite. These equally-talented boys will doubtless do the same.

    Posted on December 6, 2009