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The Outer Limits

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Reissue of the 1993 album from the influential Progressive Metal band from Canada. They evolved through an early Speed Metal phase, through Thrash Metal, always with a unique sound. Born from the Thrash Metal era, but always, more than a Thrash Metal band, Voivod have made some of the most satisfying and challenging extreme Rock music of the modern era. This was the last album Voivod recorded with their vocalist Snake until, exactly 10 years later, they released their self-titled reunion album in 2003. The Outer Limits features a perfect blend of past formulas with new and innovative ideas. On this album, Voivod mixed various thematic and musical elements with ease, which resulted in their most powerful, diversified, and mature release. Includes a cover of Pink Floyd’s ’The Nile Song’. The booklet features a 3D graphic design, which can be viewed through special 3DG glasses that come along with the package. Metal Mind Records. 2008.

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  • My version has the 3-D glasses..and that is a very unique idea!! something alot of bands could and should do!!

    This is the more heavy and less ”commercial” version of ANGEL RAT..which was a great album(see my review!)

    Every song on here is 100% VOIVOD!!! no one can touch them when they are at their peek..and this was their peek!!

    This stars off with the upbeat ”FIX MY HEART”..very catchy and full of LIFE!!

    ”LE PONT NOIR” is a dark number..that is also CATHCEY!!

    ”JACK LUMINOUS” ha..17 freakin minutes one can touch that..and it dosent get boring either!! THE BEST ON THE ALBUM!!

    ”WRONG WAY STREET” is great as well..GREAT LYRCIS about how we are living in a NOG HELL!!(well to me thats how they appear!)

    ”WE ARE NOT ALONE” is a great wraps up the theme to this SCI-FI METAL ride!!

    I have had this for what seems like for of my PERSONAL FAVE albums..skrew ”GERNES” this breaks em all..


    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • For my money, this is the high point of Voivod’s career. I was so blown away by this thing that I actually bought five more copies to send to friends around the country. I’ve never done that with ANY other recording by ANY other artist. Amazing and ROCKIN’!

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • As others here have commented on,this incredible album unfortunately came at the worst possible time for this type of “metal”.This is some amazing songwriting,any doubts to the talent possessed by this band only need hear this! It truly is a shame how criminally overlooked Voivod was at this time.Such is life,I suppose

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album came out in in 1993, when the biggest bands on MTV were Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Snoop Doggy Dogg. Most of that stuff bored me at the time, mainly because I was discovering things like The Outer Limits. This was the very first Voivod CD I ever owned, and I’ve been in love with it for over 10 years now.

    In some ways this album is a continuation of the direction Voivod had been heading in at least since Nothingface, but it really isn’t imaginable without Angel Rat as a predecessor. The biggest difference between the two is in the production, which is bigger and heavier than Angel Rat, as well as the songwriting, which is a lot stronger, in my opinion. Piggy’s guitar work on this album has astonished me for over a decade — his creativity and use of layering single lines and chords really does manage to create an “unearthly” sound. Plus he uses quartal harmony (notably in “The Lost Machine” but also in “Moonbeam Rider” and elsewhere), which is highly unusual for metal — it’s something you’d normally find in jazz and modern classical music.

    I love Voivod not because I am a die-hard metal fan but because they have made a unique and lasting contribution to the genre. To me, The Outer Limits is a big part of the Voivod legacy and will always remain one of my favorite albums.

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Poor Voivod. When everyone’s favorite innovative science fiction conceptualist band from Quebec were signed to MCA in 1988, that should have been a foot in the door toward the platinum sales and widespread promotion they so greatly deserved. But what happens to so many great groups unfortunately happened to Voivod, they were overshadowed by vastly inferior “artists”. In the late 1980s, people were more interested with fluff like Poison and Warrant. And conversely in the early 1990s, if you weren’t from Seattle (or at least sounded like you were from there), people wanted nothing to do with you. So all of this should have prevented Voivod from putting out great music? HECK NO!!!1993’s The Outer Limits shows Voivod going toward a more accesible direction. The riffs aren’t as heavy as previous albums. The tempo changes aren’t as wild or plentiful. And the production sounds fuller and glossier, losing that edgy, low-budget feel that many metal and punk fans feel is essential for preserving a band’s “integrity”.”Fix My Heart” is nothing but unpretentious hard rock at its best. “Moonbeam Rider”, “The Lost Machine”, and “We Are Not Alone” are great sci-fi rockers as only Voivod can do. The band does an excellent job covering Pink Floyd’s “The Nile Song”. I prefer their 1989 cover of “Astronomy Domine”, but this is still nothing to be ashamed of by any means. “Time Warp”, my favorite song on the album, doesn’t sound like it would be too out of place for Rush during their Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures era. As great as these songs are, and the others I haven’t mentioned, none of them can compare to the 17 and 1/2 minute “Jack Luminous”. The lyrics deal with the good guy titular alien who visits Earth to prevent a takeover from President X-D, an evil alien dictator who uses media manipulation to aid in his conquests. What should be hokey, pretentious, and boring actually turns out to compelling and fun.But before closing out I must say that things might just be looking up for these fellers. While I don’t care much for nu-metal, System of a Down and Mudvayne cite Voivod as an influence. SoaD and Mudvayne being two of the best bands of a genre so cluttered with whiny negativity. Jason Newsted gave up a lucrative career with Metallica to join this band, which really made me respect him a lot more. And the group had a 2003 slot on the Ozzfest tour, giving them an opportunity to pick up a few extra fans. Seeing how Limp Bisquick and Korn really aren’t selling that much anymore, maybe the musical revolution I’ve been waiting for for years is finally here. Man I hope so.

    Posted on January 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now